Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Money Money Money "Hang"

Happi Birthday to Money Money Money Heng
Wish u hv a prosperous+stay lucky throughout the year 2010,
Money come come & come! Huat ar!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix live in SIC

Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix live in Sepang International Circuit .
It was a fantastic race day as i was holding a Rm150 ticket but sneak into the diamond area. XD
I was standing right infront the starting grid and the view was pretty good!!
Anyway, it might be the last time for watching F1live in SIC cuz it's expensive to get a main grand stand ticket v no student price.haha

Here to share some shoot v my D5000, kit lens.

The safety car: Mercedes SLS AMG!!

The Ferrari

Ferrari F1, Alonso!!!

Mercedes GP Petronas
The 7 times world champion Michael SCHUMACHER
 Mclaren Mercedes F1
 Force India F1
 Williams F1 Racing Team

One Malaysia F1 team, The lotus
 Renault F1
 Vettel on Grid!!!!
 Next MotoGP!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

十七年的 结束

终于 结束
再多一 月
学生这 名词

面对着没有方向 的未来
感觉 有点无奈
以后 的路
又会是 怎么一回事
现今 的选择
会让 自己 没有遗憾吗

如果 可以冻结
现 所拥有的
是 多好

梦 发多了 是不好的
就 加油吧