Friday, November 27, 2009

Day after the tiup'ing survey at Naza World

after come bec from a product "tiuping" survey,
 i got rm150 in my pocket!!yeah~
i decided to go for a car downpayment (if it is enough....) at Naza world with Mr bird...

This is so called 一渣ferrari...

Cheap only la..
u can get one with "only" rm13k monthly installment what... unreachable dream car..T.T
monthly installment rm19K...

Audi R8, cost rm800K...
Monthy installment around rm14K...Wooowtf

Nissan GTR-35,
this machine is terible as it is used as a Japan GT safety car!

This one geng!
the Honda Civic Mugen RR which is a limited edition,
and only found one unit in Malaysia!
with this price u can get two honda civic 2.0 + one vios ald..

but the it is looked like a camry with TRD edition.

this is the all new kia forte 1.6,
everything is ok but..
the chassis is small, less stylist and...
i don't like it...XD


范特西 said...

got money bo~if i got money i get the r8 already la~

kyky said...

Rx8 first la...
R8 is too far away...

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