Saturday, January 30, 2010

粉紫のNokia X6 Launching Event

Well there is a Nokia X6 launching event+party+concert,
sound not bad!
But this is not the main reason i am here..
i am here because of
The organizer is giving out the coupon which is entitle to own a X6 with only Rm66
(if u r lucky within the 66 draws)
and yet i got the coupon!
among our gang only me and ah fei got the coupon!haha
actually i am not really know how the phone looked like and what is its spec
just it is a crazy deal and i just need a little bit luck to bring it back,haha.

here is the opening which two DJs playing with the remix song!

After the malay band performs,
That is 方大同!!Wooohooo~
but his fans is less..and
i only know the song 爱爱爱and Sing a Love Song,
the rest i duno what song is

Since i didn't upload a X6 pic then i think u guy can figure out what's going on..
just a little bit lack of luck, cant bring back a new phone.
anyway, it's a great show tonite,
as long as no need to stay at home fot doing nothing XD


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