Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tokyo Ramen show - Shibuya

Last weekend i was turn myself in the Tokyo Ramen Show 2010
The top ever ramen in Japan!
The was really crowded and i queued for 30 minutes for my ramen
The ramen from Niko which is special compare to the normal ramen

Of cause the red leaf+maple leaf were beautiful as well
The momiji season has just began.. *

Shibuya, the most busiest crosswalk in the world



La~la~la said...

shibuya 地铁那里有个出名的statue,纪念一只很忠诚的狗hachiko,他的故事很感人~~

kyky said...

有酱的一回事?下次要去考察考察 因为蛮近的说=)

La~la~la said...

是的。。。richard gere有重演~~


kyky said...

要打听打听 一下=D

(Oop,感觉上不像来工作的说 哈)

LeX said...

Nice post and nice pictures!! ahahah!! keep on going man!! :D:D

Oh ya, the pictures are a little bit hard to see, kindly decrease the transparency :):)