Sunday, December 19, 2010

麺屋武骨 ラーメン

Recently I'm really get addicted with the japanese ramen.
Yesterday i went to Ueno (上野) just to fill up my empty time,
and i'm decided it while i'm in the train =)
Actually i found this Ramen restaurant through an iPhone apps,
and this shop is ranked 4 out of 5stars,
Without any doubt, i decided to give it a try!
My ramen, 黒武骨チャーシュー ラーメン (黒武骨叉烧拉面)
served with black color soup,
Ya, it was delicious, and the cha siew was thick enough!! around 2cm thick!
I love cha siew as well!

黒武骨チャーシュー ラーメン (黒武骨叉烧拉面)

 Super Thick Cha Siew!!

They cheer for my ramen, lol2010-12-18